Bobbi Boteler

Bobbi Boteler

Bobbi Boteler


Eating disorder dietitian in Howard County, Maryland


I’m Bobbi Boteler, co-founder of Courage to Nourish. I am so glad you have visited our site! I would love to share with you a little bit about myself.

I live with my husband and three amazing kids on the Pennsylvania/Maryland line. I have been working in the field of nutrition since 2005. I am personally recovered from my own eating disorder, which I am now extremely grateful for. Something that once carried with it tremendous shame and guilt, has now gifted me with an ability to understand, empathize and connect with my clients on a much deeper level. My hope every day when I meet with my clients, is to provide them with a safe space where they can be transparent and vulnerable, and feel heard, respected and supported.

My clients often describe me as down-to-earth, genuine, caring, and easy to talk to.

I work with those who are looking to find a peaceful relationship with food without dieting or rigid rules. I am a proud Health at Every Size © dietitian and advocate.

I specialize in eating disorder recovery, family feeding, and supporting those who are ready to break out of the dieting cycle and heal their relationship with food and their body. I especially enjoy supporting mothers who are in recovery for their own eating disorder. I have experience working with individuals of all ages, gender identities, and in varying stages of their recovery.

I’m very passionate about family nutrition and family feeding. I love helping support families in raising confident, competent, eaters that maintain joy and freedom around food and mealtimes.

I also work with those who are struggling with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID).

I am currently on the Board of Directors for Rock Recovery, a Christian non-profit organization supporting individuals in their journey with eating disorders. I am also a committee member of the Carroll County Public Schools Curriculum Council where I work closely with the county health supervisor to reform the presentation of children’s health education with the mindset of “do no harm.”

When I am not seeing clients, I also offer clinical supervision to other dietitians to help advance personal and professional growth and enhance clinical skills.

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Eating Disorders
    St John’s Episcopal Church, February 2018
  • Health at Every Size/Weight Stigma
    Senior University of Maryland Nutrition Class, May 2018
  • Nutrition in the School Setting
    Carroll County Professional Development Day for Health Teachers, August 2018.
  • Health curriculum and instruction
    Carroll County Public Schools Curriculum Council Meetings, 2019-2020
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I would love to work with you!

I am taking on a limited number of new nutrition therapy clients. If spots are full, I am happy to refer you to another clinician or put you on a wait-list.


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