As dietitians who specialize in eating disorder recovery, our goal is to create a safe space for our clients and others who are fighting for recovery. This blog on the Courage to Nourish website is just one space we have created in our own corner of the social media universe, and we hope it’s something you find helpful.

Our practice is made up of two of us: Alex Raymond and Bobbi Boteler. We have been working together for the past 7 years and wanted to share a bit more about us 🙂

Alex Raymond:

To tell you a bit more about me, I work in private practice with 2 office locations in Maryland, College Park, walking distance from the University of Maryland and Fulton. My clients are people of all ages in all different stages of recovery. I do have a special place in my heart for college students. So, it’s very lucky I have an office right next door to UMD 🙂 I run a weekly virtual group for college students in eating disorder recovery. It has some open spots if you’re reading this and want to join!

Although I’m from New Jersey, my family lives all around the country. Arizona, California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and even more states. I actually don’t think I have any relatives in Jersey anymore! Aside from my high school friends, who I consider to be part of my family. My closest relative is my Nonna (aka grandma). I grew up with her teaching me how to cook delicious Italian food. And I’m able to recreate most of her recipes myself. Something I’m super proud of.

You’ll find out quickly that my favorite (not real) animal is the unicorn. To me, a unicorn represents uniqueness and individuality, which are two things I think are just so important. They make life interesting and fun! I also love to travel. My favorite place I have been is probably Croatia. I actually have some family in the northern part of the country. I visited them a few years ago and they have a farm and tons of fig trees. It was so fascinating integrating into their culture and lives for a few days. It honestly seemed so much simpler.

I absolutely love my job. And I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Knowing I get to be a small part of someone’s journey in finding food and body image peace makes me feel excited to come into work as well as providing my clients with courage to nourish. So, what can you expect from reading these posts? I write monthly blog posts on Health at Every Size ©, body image, the body positivity movement, intuitive eating, and eating disorder recovery (check them out here). Writing for me is a form of self care, so I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

Bobbi Boteler:

I have been in the field of nutrition and eating disorder recovery for over 15 years. My most cherished job on this earth is being a mama to 3 wonderful children. Parenting them has gifted me with a passion to model a joyful and natural relationship with food and body. I enjoy doing education in the school systems and in the community around weight inclusive nutrition education with the understanding that we do no harm with our children and adolescents.

I also love to share that I am fully recovered from my own chronic battle with an eating disorder. This once painful journey has now given me the ability to connect with my clients on a much deeper level. I am thankfully able to be a co-pilot along their own personal journey to food and body peace.

One of my prayers and missions in life is to empower others to worry less about micromanaging their food and their bodies and to put more energy into gratitude around their bodies and the meaningful relationships they are creating along the way.

At Courage to Nourish, I practice from a Health at Every Size ©, anti-diet framework, where all bodies are celebrated and embraced. Food is meant to be fun, spontaneous and pleasurable. I commit to being with you every step of the way to food freedom and body peace!

If you want more information about our nutrition practice practice, Courage to Nourish, you can read more on our about us page. We are accepting new clients, both in person, in Fulton and College Park, MD as well as virtually. Also on our website, we have a couple of free downloads, like a body image workbook and a handout on how to help a friend.

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Body Image Workbook


The Body Image Workbook