Rachel Shifflet

Rachel Shifflet

Rachel Shifflet


Eating disorder dietitian in College Park and Columbia, Maryland


Hi! I’m Rachel Shifflet! From the time I was a toddler, I remember adoring food. Some of my first memories are watching my dad grill burgers in the back yard from my room and watching my mom cook traditional Colombian food at family gatherings. My parents involved me in the
cooking process early on and before I knew it, experimenting in the kitchen was how I
spent the majority of my spare time. Aside from cooking, I developed a deep curiosity of the world around me and loved biology, chemistry, ecology, and health.

When applying to colleges, I realized that I didn’t have to choose just science, just food studies, or just health. All of my once separate interests began to intertwine and mesh which led me to study Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University.

Somewhere along the line I lost sight of why I was studying nutrition in the first place. Nutrition became a set of rules and outcomes of metabolic pathways. Food became an aspect of life that needed regulation. My intuitive connection to food and my body that I had as a child vanished. It began to affect my life in an all-encompassing way which led me to take some time away from school. 

During my time away from school, I discovered the principles of Health at Every Size ©, Intuitive Eating, and Gentle Nutrition. These approaches helped me unlearn the diet mentality, reconnect with my body, and revise the way I wanted to practice as an RD. I finished up my undergraduate degree and continued my education through the Cornell Dietetic Internship. There, I worked in school nutrition, conducted original research, and rotated through various clinical nutrition specialties.

My clinical experience made me realize that I enjoy establishing long lasting connections with patients grounded in compassion and empathy. I thrive on helping individuals uncover how to nourish themselves in a way that feels right for them. I firmly believe that each person is the expert on their own body and that my role is to facilitate, support, and encourage breaking free from learned food rules and behaviors that serve as a distraction from living a full life.

In my spare time, I love going for long walks while listening to podcasts, hiking, baking,
and snuggling with my guinea pigs!


I would love to work with you!


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