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Shira Hochstadter


Eating disorder dietitian in Maryland and Virginia

Hi, I’m Shira Hochstadter! I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a HAES, weight inclusive, anti-diet dietitian. I conveniently see clients virtually in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Let me tell you a bit about me! I am originally from Canada and moved to Maryland about five years ago. I have a two year old boy and a little baby girl that I love to pieces. My introduction to nutrition was during my teenage years, through dieting and the pursuit of weight loss. I ultimately came to recognize that there must be more to nutrition than what diet culture tells us! While in my undergrad, I discovered the concept of HAES and realized I had found the life changing answer to my dissatisfaction with diet culture.

It is my goal to help others struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating and dieting to heal their relationships with food and their bodies. For the last two and a half years, I worked at partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient. I provided individual nutrition counseling, meal support and led nutrition groups focusing on challenging diet culture, nutrition myths and understanding nutrition in recovery.

I joined Courage to Nourish in spring 2022 so I can continue to pursue my passion of helping my clients build healthier relationships with food. I bring calm, compassionate care into our sessions. I patiently listen and am intentional about creating individualized treatment plans and goals. I am ready to partner with you on your journey to finding food freedom and ultimately building a more meaningful and peaceful life!

When I am not helping my clients challenge diet culture, I enjoy spending time with my family, experimenting with cooking and baking new recipes, going on walks and hikes, and enjoying nature. While living in Canada, I was a big fan of skiing and would love to get back into that some day.

Courage to Nourish strives to connect each client with the Registered Dietitian that would best meet their needs.

You and I would be a great fit if:

  • You are in recovery from restrictive eating, binge eating disorder or looking to break free from the binge restrict cycle.
  • You recently stepped down from a higher level of care treatment and are looking for continued nutrition support.
  • You are pregnant, postpartum or a mom of little ones and are looking to heal your relationship with food so you can support your growing baby/serve as a role model for your children.
  • You are looking for a compassionate, calm, patient, and direct dietitian to help challenge distorted food and nutrition beliefs.

My typical client includes:

  • High school students and older (all genders).
  • Individuals looking to move away from food restriction and toward intuitive eating.
  • Adults with anorexia or OSFED.
  • Those looking for a safe, supportive space to work through eating disorder food beliefs and dismantle diet culture.
  • Anyone! I enjoy working with all clients and would love to schedule a discovery call where we can discuss how Courage to Nourish could best support you.

I primarily see clients virtually in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Looking forward to connecting!

Read more about me on our blog!

I would love to work with you!

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