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Courage to Nourish offers virtual individual nutrition counseling sessions in Colorado. We specialize in eating disorder recovery nutrition and intuitive eating counseling. Looking to work with an eating disorder dietitian in Colorado? Contact us for more information.

Here is more information about our eating disorder nutrition services:

Eating disorder nutrition counseling in colorado

Our eating disorder dietitians in Colorado are highly specialized in eating disorder recovery nutrition counseling. The Courage to Nourish Colorado dietitians have dedicated their careers to supporting individuals in recovery from an eating disorder. We use a highly individualized, non-judgmental and compassionate approach to eating disorder recovery. We aim to support our clients in living a life that’s closest to their values while challenging the eating disorder and embracing food flexibility. We offer meal planning services, text or email support, restaurant outings, and collaborating with other members of your treatment team.

Read more here to learn about our eating disorder nutrition services in Colorado. All our nutrition services align with Health at Every Size (HAES).

Intuitive Eating Nutrition Counseling in colorado

At Courage to Nourish, we provide intuitive eating counseling in Colorado. If you’ve spent years dieting and are feeling exhausted from the “rollercoaster,” then intuitive eating could be right for you. Intuitive eating nutrition allows individuals to incorporate more flexibility into eating and movement. It allows individuals to tap into the body’s innate wisdom of hunger, fullness and craving cues. Our Colorado intuitive eating dietitians would love to explore intuitive eating with you!  Each of our dietitians are trained in intuitive eating and practice from a weight inclusive framework. This means, we do not focus on number. Instead, we focus on supporting you in exploring your relationship with food. We’d love to work alongside you to reconnect with your body.

Read more here to learn about intuitive eating nutrition counseling in Colorado and how one of our Colorado intuitive eating dietitians can support you.

ARFID Nutrition therapy in Colorado

ARFID or Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder is colloquially known as “extreme picky eating.” ARFID seems to have gained more recognition over the last few years. This is leading to people getting the support they need for ARFID. If you or a loved one struggles with trying new foods, is turned off by certain tastes, textures or smells and/or often gags when eating new foods, you may want to reach out for more support.  Our dietitians are highly trained in ARFID nutrition therapy. We are extremely compassionate, patient and non-judgmental and can support you in slowly expanding your food choices. 

Read more here to learn about ARFID nutrition counseling in Colorado. One of our ARFID dietitians would love to support you.

Eating Disorder Support Groups in Colorado

When healing from an eating disorder, getting support and feedback from peers can be incredibly helpful. Courage to Nourish Colorado not only offers individual eating disorder recovery support, but we also offer eating disorder support groups in Colorado. Our groups are highly recovery oriented and positive. We assure a welcoming and safe space to process eating disorder struggles with peers. The eating disorder support groups are led by one of our eating disorder dietitians. Our groups are open to those in eating disorder recovery as well as loved ones who are supporting a family member or friend in recovery. 

All of our support groups are free. We ask you are working with a treatment team. Our groups are not to take the place of individualized eating disorder treatment.

Please check back often as our groups are always changing.

Read more here about our eating disorder support groups in Colorado.

Eating Disorder Recovery Resources

Courage to Nourish offers free resources – newsletter, blog and handouts – for the community. While some of you reading this may be ready to work with an eating disorder recovery team, some of you might need more time to reach out. Our resources contain journal prompts, tips and various recovery concepts to reflect on. . Our resources do not take the place of working one on one with a team. But, it may be helpful to begin the exploration of your recovery journey. If you are ready to reach out and connect with a team, contact us to learn more about working with our Colorado eating disorder dietitians.

Click here to head to our resources page.

Read our blog

The Courage to Nourish blog is another great place to read through some free recovery resources! We update our blog on a monthly basis. usually pushing out 2-4 blogs a month. Topics include body image, Health At Every Size, intuitive eating, general eating disorder recovery and resources for clinicians. It may be helpful to use our blog to dig deeper into your recovery and reflect on some concepts in your sessions with a dietitian or therapist. We also encourage individuals to share blog posts with their loved one or their team. 

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Clinical Supervision

Bobbi and Alex are both Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians and Approved Supervisors through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp). If you’re a clinician looking to receive your CED-S certification. Or if you’re hoping to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of eating disorders, we can help!

Read more about supervision here  

Meet Lauren Hirschhorn


lauren hirschhorn

Lauren Hirschhorn, RD, LD

Lauren is licensed in Maryland and is actively seeing clients in our Colorado location. Lauren enjoys working with clients in Colorado who are in recovery from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, ARFID, and who are healing their body image. She practices from an intuitive eating and weight inclusive approach. Lauren works with clients of all ages. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and trusts her clients to lead the way in their own recoveries. Allowing clients to feel supported and safe is the highest priority for Lauren. If you’re interested in making an appointment with Lauren as an eating disorder dietitian in Colorado, contact us to schedule a discovery call.

More about our Colorado Locations 

Currently, we are providing virtual support for those looking for eating disorder recovery nutrition services in Colorado. We are accepting new clients. Lauren Hirschhorn is based in Colorado and sees the majority of our Colorado clients. However, any of our dietitians are able to work individually with clients seeking eating disorder nutrition services. Click here to meet the team. 
We are serving the following areas:
Denver, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado
Veil, Colorado

Looking for eating disorder recovery nutrition support in Colorado? Call us or email us to schedule a discovery call. 

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