Family Meal Planning

Family Meal Planning

Family meal planning is stressful for many families. It is easy to get caught up in what fellow parents are doing, looking to social media and the internet for answers, and feeling like you’re never good enough.  Courage to Nourish is here to help. 

Knowing what and how to feed your family can be very overwhelming to parents and caregivers.  With the plethora of nutrition information available to us on the web, from medical providers and friends, it feels impossible to know what and who we can trust. Courage to Nourish has dietitians that specialize in family feeding and who are able to guide you through all of the nuances of feeding your family.  We understand each family has different needs and approach each situation with patience, compassion and understanding.

How do I know if my family would benefit from nutrition counseling services from Courage to Nourish?

  • Are mealtimes as a family stressful and chaotic? 
  • Do you need help deciphering the abundance of nutrition information that is continually available to us? 
  • Do you struggle with meeting each individual family member’s nutritional needs at meal times?
  • Do you dread thinking about feeding your family for the week ahead?
  • Do different members of your family have different food preferences, making it feel almost impossible to come up with meals everyone will eat?
  • Do you want to help prevent eating disorders in your children and cultivate a healthy relationship with food with them?

How we can help you and your family

  • Meal Planning to help meet each family member’s individual needs
  •  Education on preventing eating disorders
  • Help to navigate picky eating
  • Help moms and other caregivers,  build confidence in family meal planning
  • Discuss meal and snack ideas, grocery lists and navigating the grocery store
  • Work through past trauma related to family food experiences
  • Address concerns parents have about their child’s relationship with food
  • Help raise intuitive eaters
  • Support in managing different family member’s eating patterns, growth and food preferences
  • Email and text support

We align ourselves with the Health at Every Size© or HAES© approach and value diversity and inclusion.

We believe every individual deserves compassionate and adequate care. Not only do we work through a weight inclusive framework, but we also promote anti-racism, gender inclusivity and aim to make our nutrition counseling a safe and non-judgmental space for ALL humans. If health is something you’d like to work toward, we focus on health promoting behaviors instead of changing body shape and size. We do not provide diet or weight loss services. We welcome and encourage conversations about how various identities our clients hold impact their relationship with food, body and movement. Our team is committed to learning, growing and taking action when it comes to advocating for our clients' wellbeing.

Read more about HAES by visiting The Association For Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH)'s website.

To learn more about the intersection of race and diet culture, consider reading Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fatphobia by Sabrina Strings or Belly of the Beast: The Politics of Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness by Da'Shaun L. Harrison.

Please also consider visiting our Resources page. We have social media account suggestions, book suggestions, and podcast suggestions to learn more about HAES, inclusivity, anti-racism and body positivity.

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