Supporting you in finding the courage and skills for long-term food and body peace.

Alex and Bobbi

Welcome to Courage to Nourish!

We’re Alex Raymond and Bobbi Boteler, eating disorder dietitians in Maryland and co-founders of Courage to Nourish Nutrition. Our hope is through compassionate care and gentle guidance, we can support you in becoming comfortable and confident in your food choices and your body while living a meaningful life. With over 20 years of combined experience in eating disorder recovery nutrition, we started this practice because we believe our clients deserve a safe and compassionate space to heal.

Let’s Work Together

We have two office locations in Columbia and College Park, Maryland for in person appointments.
For those at a distance looking for an eating disorder dietitian, we offer convenient virtual sessions. 

intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating Counseling

We believe it’s possible to break free from chronic dieting. We support our clients in achieving intuitive eating through a weight-inclusive approach.

eating disorder recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery

As Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians, we specialize in recovery nutrition. Our extensive training allows us to provide expert guidance.

Feeding a healthy family


Family nutrition presents unique challenges. We provide guidance to maintain joy at mealtimes and cultivate positive relationships with food.

virtual and in person groups


We offer various support groups to those struggling and their loved ones. We’d love to have you join one of our positive, encouraging group sessions.

What our clients are saying

Working with Alex has been life changing. I have struggled with an eating disorder for 20+ years and until this year I thought I was going to have to live like that forever, and so I accepted that. After working with Alex for many months I have realized that there can be full recovery and food freedom. Her insight and dedication to help me recover is astounding. She is kind, compassionate, and more than willing to work with me on any and everything. 

What our clients are saying

I am so thankful for Bobbi! I had no idea what to expect from a nutritionist, but after struggling with disordered eating for over 10 years, I needed help. Bobbi has been such a huge help in practicing intuitive and body respect. She has been responsive and compassionate throughout the ups and downs of my eating disorder recovery. Because of her personal history, I feel like she truly understands when I describe my problems around food/body. Bobbi is super down-to-earth and passionate about helping her clients. I am moving out of state for school in a few months and I plan to continue seeing Bobbi virtually rather than find a new nutritionist in the area.

What professionals are saying

As a therapist who specializes in working with clients with eating disorders, I frequently refer to Bobbi and Alex, and have had the opportunity over the years to share many clients with them. I believe that it is vital for client’s recovery to have access to highly skilled and empathic dietitians, and myself and my clients have been able to trust in both Bobbi and Alex being on their treatment teams to help with this very important aspect of recovery.

What our clients are saying

I was very fortunate to have Alex be my first and only dietician where I have been working with her for almost 2 years. I have never felt anything less than full support, patience, and compassion. Alex’s approach is very understanding. She has shown me various techniques and skills that help me change my outlook and perspective in a positive way. I highly recommend Alex as an eating disorder specialized dietician to anyone who is experiencing disordered thinking and negative body image issues. I am very thankful to have Alex as my dietician and would not have made as much progress in recovery without her.

What our clients are saying

Bobbi has been such a guiding light in my personal growth with food and body. It’s refreshing to have someone so passionate, considerate, and wholesome to be apart of my recovery process. Recovery is challenging, but having someone like Bobbi to be apart of my team makes it that much better & worth it. I couldn’t recommend her, or anyone else from Courage to Nourish, enough!!

What professionals are saying

Bobbi and Alex are amazing dietitians, I would recommend them every time. As a therapist in the field who treats eating disorders it is wonderful to have them as a part of my treatment team with patients. I would highly recommend them both as they go above and beyond for all patients.


How we can support you

As eating disorder dietitians in Maryland, we are here to support you or a loved one in gaining the courage to break free from food and body image struggles. Our services are tailored to those recovering from an eating disorder, disordered eating or damage from diet culture.

Individual nutrition counseling sessions are designed to empower you to appreciate, trust, and reconnect with your body. We will provide you with the tools and skills to discover meaning in your life outside of your eating disorder.

We believe full recovery is possible and we promise to support you each step of the way as you relearn how to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Struggling in college?
We can help

College can lead to many challenges, like navigating the dining hall, finding time to eat between classes, and struggling with body comparisons. Whether you’re currently enrolled or attending college in the near future, we offer college-specific sessions to work on these issues during your stressful academic year. Our College Park office is walking distance from the University of Maryland. We also offer virtual sessions for students outside of Maryland.


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