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Athletes are at a higher risk of developing an eating disorder for a variety of reasons.

The physical stress of training and the psychological stress of winning, coupled with an increased emphasis on weight and body shape, make athletes more vulnerable to the development of negative eating patterns. Our specialized sports dietitian at Courage to Nourish understands the realities, risks, and stressors that athletes face when trying to navigate recovery as an athlete.

How Do We Help Athletes?

At Courage to Nourish, our dietitians work one on one with our clients and their treatment team. We value trusting and compassionate relationships between our dietitians and clients. We value safety and a non-judgmental space so our clients are able to process their relationship with food and body in a way that is met with understanding and empathy. Not only do we work with you or your loved one in individual sessions, but we also collaborate with various members of the treatment team. We also provide text and email support and keep our caseloads small. This can assure you are getting the highest quality of care.

Being an athlete poses a lot of challenges, including how to appropriately fuel oneself and manage the pressures sports place on athletes regarding body image, body ideals and performance. There are numerous risk factors that place an athlete at a higher risk for developing an eating disorder. The dietitians at Courage to Nourish work with athletes to identify these risk factors and come up with a treatment plan.

Not only do we work with you or your loved one in individual sessions, but we also collaborate with various members of the treatment team. We provide text and email support and keep our caseloads small. This can assure you are getting the highest quality of care.

Sports Nutrition Services We Offer


One on One Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Consistent, specialized care is paramount when treating an eating disorder. Courage to Nourish provides individualized care specific to each person. We will explore your relationship with food, provide accurate, gentle nutrition education, evaluate growth charts as needed, and provide personalized meal planning guidance.

Athletes with Anorexia
Anorexia in athletes is extremely prevalent, due to a variety of pressures placed on athletes specifically. We help athletes to better understand how to properly fuel their body for their specific sport, while working through common sports related myths, such as “the lighter you are, the better you perform, etc”.

Athletes with Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
RED-S, previously known as the Female Athlete Triad, has a detrimental impact on an athletes health as well as negatively impacts performance. We will help ensure you are taking in adequate nutrition to properly support your body as an athlete. If you have lost your menstrual cycle, this will also be something we will help address through nutrition, as well as coordinating with other necessary health providers, to ensure this basic body function returns to prevent further deterioration of bone mass.

virtual support group

Virtual Support Group for the athlete

Eating disorders can be lonely and isolating, leaving your adolescent oftentimes feeling misunderstood. We offer a free, weekly support group to provide a safe space to be around other recovery-focused individuals who are learning to prioritize recovery and find meaning outside of their eating disorder.

virtual support group for families

Virtual Support Group
for Family and Loved Ones

Supporting a loved one in their recovery can often leave you feeling exhausted and hopeless. We offer a monthly free support group to allow family and loved ones to discuss the ups and downs of being in a supportive, caregiving role, learning how to take care of yourself along the way, and find comfort that you are not alone.

FAQs About Our Services for Athletes

How do I know if I would benefit from nutrition counseling as an athlete?

  • Are you finding yourself underperforming in your sport, and struggling with low energy and fatigue?
  • If you are a female, are you currently not menstruating? (maybe link to athletes/ED blog re: RED-S)
  • Are you experiencing an increased number of injuries, which could be related to decreased bone density and low immunity?
  • Are you finding it stressful and confusing to know what, and how much to eat, to appropriately field yourself?

How long will I need to see a dietitian?

Treating an eating disorder takes a long time! Most likely, we will start off meeting weekly, at a minimum for most likely a year, however everyone’s journey is different. It is crucial you get help right away. Keep in mind that recovery is not a linear process. There will be ups and downs along the way, which is why it is so important to have a specialized team supporting you.

What are typical individual sessions with the dietitian like for an athlete?

Care at Courage to Nourish is very individualized, and therefore different for each client. However, our work together will include:

  • Improving the athletes relationship with exercise
  • Eliminating shame and guilt surrounding eating
  • Spending less time thinking about food and body image
  • Managing sports nutrition concerns through a weight-inclusive approach
  • Re-learning intuitive eating
  • Discovering a more body positive body image through body trust and appreciation

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About Courage to Nourish

Courage to Nourish is a group of eating disorder specialized dietitians. We have in person locations in Alexandria, Virginia, Columbia, Maryland, and College Park, Maryland. We offer virtual services across the state of Maryland. Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. We offer individual nutrition therapy. As well as support groups. We would love to guide you in building a better relationship with food.

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