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We are so glad you are taking the first steps to getting help to improve your relationship with food. It can definitely be scary, with a lot of unknowns. The team at Courage to Nourish is here to help. Below are some questions that may feel overwhelming to answer but can help you identify what you are struggling with, and what kind of support you need. Take your time to answer each question. If you need to take a break throughout the questions for a breather, and to regroup, feel free to do so. It is important to be patient and gentle with yourself along the way. We can help you determine what kind of support you may need to help you in your journey of healing.
Please note - this ARFID quiz is not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

Do you consume a limited food variety?

Do you often gag when eating certain foods?

Do you go through phases of eating the same food repeatedly and exclusively for a while, to then get tired of it and stop eating it all together?

Is mealtime stressful because of foods that are presented at the table?

Do you struggle with eating certain foods because of their texture?

Do you feel anxious about trying foods that you haven’t had before because you worry you may not like them?

Do you avoid social settings where food is present for fear there may not be something there you like to eat?

Would you rather go hungry than eat food you don't like?

Do you avoid eating foods if you don't like how they look?

Do you lose interest in food eating generally?

Do friends and family call you a “picky eater”?

Do you only eat a particular brand of certain foods?

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