Do I have Binge Eating Disorder (BED)? Take our Binge Eating Disorder Quiz

We are so glad you are taking the first steps to getting help to improve your relationship with food. It can definitely be scary, with a lot of unknowns. The team at Courage to Nourish is here to help. Below are some questions that may feel overwhelming to answer but can help you identify what you are struggling with, and what kind of support you need. Take your time to answer each question. If you need to take a break throughout the questions for a breather, and to regroup, feel free to do so. It is important to be patient and gentle with yourself along the way. We can help you determine what kind of support you may need to help you in your journey of healing.
Please note - this binge eating disorder quiz is not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

Do you find yourself eating more food than what you typically used to eat in a short period of time?

Do you sometimes or often feel out of control when you are eating?

Do you often feel preoccupied with food?

Do you find yourself planning ahead for an opportunity to eat alone so you can binge?

Do you experience significant body dissatisfaction?

Do you often eat alone because of feeling embarrassed by how much or what you are eating?

Do you feel disgusted, guilty or ashamed after eating?

Do you feel like your eating is out of control?

Do you often try new fad diets or exercise plans?

Do you ever hide packages or containers so that someone does not know how much you ate?

Do you try to avoid foods you consider “bad” only to eat them past fullness later?

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