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Lauren Comunale


Eating disorder dietitian in College Park, MD

Hi, I’m Lauren! I see clients in College Park, Maryland and virtually in Virginia, Maryland and DC. I have been a dietitian for 7 years and
have experience working in a variety of settings. I initially began working as a dietitian in the
hospital world, covering intensive care and cardiac units. Through this role, I witnessed
firsthand the normalization of diet culture beliefs in our medical system. Later, I transitioned to working in the field of eating disorders and could not imagine doing anything else.

While working in the PHP and IOP levels of care in eating disorder treatment, I was able to
enhance my knowledge of the treatment of eating disorders and further develop my skills in
nutrition counseling. I joined Courage to Nourish so that I could deepen my connection with clients and continue to learn and grow as a dietitian.

After struggling with my relationship with food and exercise in college, I know all too well about
the harmful messaging of diet culture. I strive to practice using a Health At Every Size© aligned
and anti-diet approach to eating. I use evidenced based information (mixed with a bit of
humor!) to help clients dismantle diet culture beliefs and navigate through the plethora of
nutrition information in our world. I will work to help you reconnect with your body while
removing feelings of guilt and shame from eating.

I was born and raised in Maryland, but also have a deep love for DC. When I am not working
with clients, I love spending time with my friends and family. After work, I like to recharge by
taking care of my 70+ houseplants, tending to my garden, or reading a book in my sunroom. My
boyfriend and I recently bought a house in Maryland, so I can often be found perusing the aisles
of Home Depot and working on endless house projects. My two dogs, Hank, a German
shorthaired pointer, and Riley, a German shepherd, keep me very busy when I am at home!I would love to work with you!

Courage to Nourish strives to connect each client with the certified eating disorder dietitian that best meets their needs.

You and I would be a great fit if:

  • You are interested in learning more about HAES and intuitive eating
  • You are looking for a compassionate and straightforward clinician to help support you in
    your eating disorder recovery
  • You have been negatively impacted by past experiences with healthcare providers and are looking
    for a clinician with a weight inclusive approach
  • You are a parent or adolescent searching for more guidance and support for your family
  • You would like a clinician who can help you balance eating disorder recovery and
    chronic health conditions

My typical client includes:

  • Clients who have been harmed by diet culture messaging and are looking to heal their
    relationship with food and body image
  • Adolescents and their families who are navigating the onset of an eating disorder
  • Clients looking for a dietitian who specializes in ARFID
  • College students and young adults navigating life transitions
  • Clients of all genders, identities and ages
  • Clients 16 and older (all genders)
  • Anyone! I would love to schedule a discovery call with you and learn more about how Courage to Nourish can support your nutrition needs.

I primarily see clients virtually and in person in College Park Maryland.  Looking forward to connecting!

I would love to work with you!

Body Image Workbook


The Body Image Workbook