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Courage to Nourish offers virtual individual nutrition counseling sessions in Pennsylvania. We specialize in eating disorder recovery nutrition and intuitive eating counseling.

Here’s more about our services:

Eating disorder nutrition counseling

If you’re in recovery from an eating disorder, we’re here to help. Our dietitians have dedicated their careers to supporting those in recovery and guiding them toward having a more peaceful relationship with food and body. We aim to meet client’s wherever they’re at, while gently guiding them toward challenging their eating disorder. Our hope is for our clients to live a fulfilled life, outside of food rules and restrictions.

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Intuitive Eating Counseling 

Have you spent years dieting and are exhausted from the “rollercoaster?” Are you looking to incorporate more flexibility into eating and movement? Have you heard of intuitive eating and are ready to explore what that looks like for you? We offer intuitive eating nutrition counseling. You’ll work one on one with one of our trained dietitians to improve your relationship with food, body and exercise. We practice through a weight inclusive framework, so we do not focus on numbers, like weight or calories. We’d love to work alongside you to reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom.

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ARFID Nutrition therapy

ARFID is more commonly known as “extreme picky eating.” If you or your loved one struggles with trying new foods, often gags when eating new foods, or strongly dislikes certain tastes, textures or smells, it’s possible you may need support and guidance to incorporate new foods. Especially if you notice this is getting in the way of you living your life. Our highly trained and compassionate dietitians can guide you through the process of slowly expanding food options.

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Eating Disorder Support Groups

In addition to offering one on one support, we also offer group support for individuals in recovery as well as loved ones. Our support groups are designed to create a sense of community and connection in recovery. We aim to create a recovery-focused environment between individuals who are wanting to prioritize recovery and find meaning in life outside of their eating disorder.

All of our support groups are free. We currently offer a community support group as well 

Please check back often as our groups are always changing.

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Eating Disorder Recovery Resources

Courage to Nourish offers free resources – newsletter, blog and handouts – for the community. Our resources contain tips, journal prompts, and concepts to reflect on. While some of you reading this may be ready to work with an eating disorder recovery team, some of you might need more time to reach out. Our resources do not take the place of working one on one with a team. But, it may be helpful. to begin the exploration of your recovery. 

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Read our blog

We update our blog regularly. Topics include body image, Health At Every Size, intuitive eating, general eating disorder recovery and resources for clinicians. It may be helpful to use our blog to dig deeper into your recovery and reflect on some concepts in your sessions with a dietitian or therapist. 

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Clinical Supervision

Bobbi and Alex are both Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians and Approved Supervisors through iaedp. If you’re a clinician looking to receive your CED-S certification. Or if you’re hoping to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of eating disorders, we can help!

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Meet Sydney Richards


sydney richards

Sydney Richards, RD, LD

Sydney is licensed in Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland and Virginia. She enjoys working with clients in recovery from an eating disorder and those looking to improve their relationship with food. Sydney is compassionate, knowledgeable and non-judgmental. She works alongside her clients to support them in feeling confident and empowered to take steps to challenge their eating disorders.  

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As an eating disorder therapist, I really enjoy working with Sydney. She is very communicative in coordinating care, has great insights about our shared clients, and builds rapport with clients quickly. I highly recommend Sydney to anyone looking for a dietitian.”
“I’m a junior in college and I suffered from an eating disorder for 5 years. A year ago I went to treatment and have been seeing Alex since I discharged. She has been so incredibly helpful and is a 5 minute walk from UMD’s campus, so very convenient for students. Alex and the Courage to Nourish dieticians follow the Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating approaches which have helped me to respect my body and maintain a recovery-focused mindset. I feel I am able to be honest with Alex and won’t be subject to criticism or judgement, and being honest is what has kept me in recovery. So many college students suffer from eating disorders and disordered eating, and I highly recommend Alex and the Courage to Nourish team for anyone who needs support.”

Looking for eating disorder recovery nutrition support? Call us or email us to schedule a discovery call. 

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