Individual Nutrition Therapy

Courage to Nourish is a phrase we hold near and dear to our hearts. As most of us know, it’s not easy in our culture to find a peaceful relationship with food. The phrase Courage to Nourish reflects our clients’ abilities to redefine what health and nutrition means to them. We believe our clients can break free from food judgments and rules that are holding them back from living a full life. Reaching out to begin this work may be one of the bravest steps you take. We hope we can cultivate this strength in you and are honored we can be a part of your body liberation and food peace journey.

We work with those who need support in:

  • Eating disorder recovery 
  • Compulsive exercising
  • Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)
  • Navigating eating disorder recovery in college
  • Navigating concerns around feeding a family
  • Breaking free from chronic dieting

Our work together will include:

  • Eliminating shame and guilt that surrounds eating
  • Spending less time thinking about food and body image
  • Managing nutrition concerns through a weight inclusive framework
  • Finding freedom from your eating disorder
  • Re-learning intuitive eating
  • Discovering a more positive body image through body trust and appreciation

What we provide:

  • Face to face and virtual sessions
  • Email and text support
  • Small caseload for individualized, quality care
  • Personalized meal planning guidance
  • Goal setting to support you in your journey toward intuitive eating
  • Coordination of care with your recovery team
  •  Meal experientials
  • Restaurant outings
  • Family sessions and support
  • Grocery store outings
  • Evaluation of growth charts, as needed


We align ourselves with the Health at Every Size© or HAES© approach.

This means we believe every individual deserves compassionate and adequate care. We work through a weight inclusive framework. If health is something you’d like to work toward, we focus on health promoting behaviors instead of changing body shape and size. We do not provide diet or weight loss services. We aim to make our nutrition counseling a safe and non-judgmental space for ALL humans. 

Nutrition Therapy for ARFID


Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is a common feeding disorder that often displays as “extreme picky eating.” It very often begins in early childhood, and can progress, throughout adulthood. Through a compassionate, patient and highly trained approach, we at Courage to Nourish can guide you or your loved one, through the process of slowly expanding on your preferred foods through a variety of methods.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the following, we would love to work together to help lower your stress and increase joy around meal times, feel more at ease in social situations surrounding food, and ensure that your body is getting adequate and balanced nutrition to support a healthy, fulfilling life:

  • Do you or your child struggle with extreme picky eating and food aversions, making trying new foods overwhelming?
  • Do you have a small list of “preferred foods” and are anxious about adding to that list?
  • Do certain textures, smells, or simply how a food looks, cause a strong aversion?

We work hard to personalize this process to your specific needs. We help identify your specific motivators to stay engaged, and will work alongside you as barriers and challenges arise.

How we’ll work with you

  • Personalized food exposures together in session and goal setting for at home
  • Creating a plan for experiments with new tastes and textures with your input and directions
  • Meal planning, if needed, to support you in adequately nourishing your body
  • Processing around fears and barriers with identified foods
  • Coordination of care between members of the team, like a physician, therapist, or speech therapist
  • Evaluation and of growth charts, when applicable
  • Family sessions, when applicable
  • Sampling food from restaurants together in session, when applicable
  • Discussing small goals to overall improve your relationship with food
  • Email and text support

Nutrition Groups

eating disorder support group

Eating Disorder Support Group


Come connect with other recovery-focused individuals who are learning how to prioritize recovery and find meaning outside of their eating disorder.

Emilee Wells typically does an initial call with all interested group members to share about the group, answer any questions, and learn a little bit about your journey.

We ask that all members are also seeking individual therapy and/or nutrition therapy while attending the group. This group is not a substitute for individual therapy.

Contact us at
to set up a discovery call.


meal support and process group

Meal Support and Process Group

As you know, during recovery, meal times are often filled with anxiety. But, challenging food rules and judgments is a critical part of healing.

We offer a meal support group to allow those struggling a place to eat a meal in an encouraging and positive environment. This group is ideal for individuals who need more support outside of weekly sessions with their therapist and dietitian. Please contact us for a discovery call to learn more about the group. She would be happy to answer any questions and concerns!

We ask that all members are also seeking individual therapy and/or nutrition therapy while attending the group. This group is not a substitute for individual therapy.

Contact us at
to set up a discovery call. We are currently building a waitlist for interest in this group.

Friends, Family and Loved Ones Support Group

Friends, Family and Loved Ones Support Group

Supporting a loved one in their recovery can often leave you feeling exhausted and hopeless.

Join Emilee Wells and other loved ones, as we discuss the ups and downs of being in a supportive, caregiving role, learning how to take care of yourself along the way, and find comfort in knowing you are not alone.


This is a virtual group that meets monthly.

Contact us at
to set up a discovery call.

Recovery in College Group: Virtual

Recovery in College Group: Virtual

With this virtual group, you will be able to make strong connections with those who know what it’s like to recover while balancing college life.

We ask that all members are also seeking individual therapy and/or nutrition therapy while attending the group. This group is not a substitute for individual therapy.

Please contact Alex at for a “discovery call” to answer any questions about the group. We are currently taking clients on a waitlist.

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