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Sydney Richards


Eating disorder dietitian in College Park and Columbia, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Welcome! My name is Sydney Richards and I am an Eating Disorder Dietitian in Maryland who is dedicated to helping people achieve food and body freedom. I am a Health at Every Size © aligned practitioner and in the process of becoming a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I see clients in person in College Park, MD and Columbia, MD and virtually in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

My passion for anti-diet work began several years ago while I was counseling in a corporate setting. It was here that I witnessed countless clients lose time, money, happiness, and precious mental energy day after day, all in the pursuit of “wellness.” This experience confirmed that I was not the only one struggling with disordered eating. I was disheartened by it and hoped that there was another answer. Eventually, I found intuitive eating and it was truly a “lightbulb moment.” I implemented it myself and began sharing this concept with clients. It was exciting to see how transformative it was to approach food from a framework of self-care instead of self-deprivation.

After going through my own intuitive eating journey, I wanted to help others to do the same. I worked with clients in eating disorder recovery at the partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient level of care. Through these experiences, I found a passion for empowering people to find their voice against diet culture and re-discover a way of nourishing, moving, and viewing their body that is enjoyable and sustainable.

Courage to Nourish aims to pair our clients with an eating disorder dietitian who will be the best fit for their needs.

You and I would be a great fit if:

  • You want to heal your relationship with food, movement, or your body
  • You’re looking for recommendations that are individualized to you
  • You’re looking for a science-based approach that is weight inclusive
  • You’re seeking a safe, judgement-free space
  • You’re looking for a fun-loving, compassionate, and collaborate dietitian

My typical client includes:

  • Clients 13 and older (all genders)
  • Teens and their families who want to implement FBT
  • College students who need more support while at school
  • Adults with anorexia or OSFED
  • Anyone! I would love to schedule a discovery call with you and learn more about how Courage to Nourish can support your nutrition needs.

Reach out if you would like to work together!

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I would love to work with you!

Body Image Workbook


The Body Image Workbook