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Kathryn karukas courage to nourishKathryn Karukas


Eating disorder dietitian in Columbia, Maryland


Hi and welcome to Courage to Nourish!

I’m Kathryn Karukas, a weight inclusive, anti-diet
Registered Dietitian. I have a passion for helping people break free from diet culture and make
peace with food, movement, and their body. I’m a firm believer that life is too short to spend it
being constantly preoccupied with food!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Maryland but have lived
elsewhere for the past 8 years before moving back last year.


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do; I love to explore new places and try new foods along the way- I try to take an international trip every year. I am a huge sports fan (Go Ravens!) and you can find me watching or attending games in my spare time. I also enjoy reading, going to the beach, and attending summer concerts!

Prior to joining Courage to Nourish, I worked in college athletics, college health, and behavioral
health settings. Through these experiences, I have witnessed firsthand how much of an impact
diet culture has on our everyday life, whether we realize it or not. I have a special place in my
heart for working alongside high school and college students, as well as athletes, as they learn
to make peace with food. My goal is to help my clients realize that their weight and how they
look are the least interesting things about them while cultivating a healthy relationship with food.

During my undergraduate education, I found myself very frustrated with the weight and diet
centric approach to nutrition. I remember thinking, there has to be another way! During my
dietetic internship, I was introduced to Intuitive Eating and the Health at Every Size framework
which had a huge impact on not only my professional career, but my personal life as well, and I
never looked back.

I strive to be someone for my clients that I wish I had when I was trying to navigate all of the misinformation diet culture tells us regarding food, exercise, and our body. I utilize an Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size approach to provide respectful, individualized, stigma-free, nutrition counseling. I view our work together as collaborative; clients are the experts on their own bodies and their own lived experiences. I aim to make sure these experiences are heard and acknowledged and that my clients feel supported during our work together.

I’d love to work with you!

I would love to work with you!


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