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Georgia McArtney


Eating disorder dietitian in Columbia, Maryland

Hi! I’m Georgia McArtney! Welcome to Courage to Nourish. I primarily see clients virtually, but I also have availability in our Columbia, Maryland office.

My journey into eating disorder nutrition began in college as I studied to be a dietitian. I found myself disillusioned with the diet-centric approach to health. In addition to diets not working, I found that diet culture shames clients and creates disordered relationships with food. I began reading about Health At Every Size and practicing Intuitive Eating, and I’ve never looked back!

In graduate school I gained a specialized certification in the treatment of eating disorders alongside my Master of Science in Nutrition. After graduate school I became a clinical dietitian at an eating disorder treatment center. I counseled both adults and adolescents, providing therapeutic meal support and leading groups on topics centered around challenging weight bias, normalizing eating, and embracing health at every size. 

I joined Courage to Nourish in June 2021 to focus on my passion of building long-term relationships supporting clients through recovery and beyond. In my work with clients, I encourage consistent and adequate eating as the foundation to engaging in flexibility and intuition with food. I walk alongside clients as we challenge diet culture together and make food just one aspect of a fulfilling life. My primary goal is to create a safe space for clients to bring their experiences and get curious about recovery. 

I have a special place in my heart for working with clients who manage a chronic illness alongside their relationship with food. There is so much diet culture and ableism in the chronic illness space, so I work to provide a safe haven to discuss food and body image within the context of managing complicated health conditions. I am also passionate about clients who are exploring their food and body relationships later in life. I aim to hold space for those who are processing years of diet culture, weight stigma and disordered thoughts. I’ve completed training on perimenopause nutrition in eating disorders and love working with clients in this life stage. 

When I’m not challenging diet culture at work, I enjoy baking, hiking, trying to keep my plants alive, and crossing books off my reading list. I’m originally from New Zealand, so traveling to new countries is another passion of mine!

 I’d love to work with you! You and I would be a good fit if: 

  • You’re struggling with chronic health conditions in addition to disordered eating and need a patient, collaborative advocate on your side
  • You’re exploring food/body relationship later in life and not sure what recovery may look like for you
  • You are looking to break free from chronic dieting
  • You’re curious about HAES or IE
  • You’re looking for a direct yet empathetic dietitian to cheer you on
  • You’re searching for a weight inclusive provider because of past experiences with feeling invalidated due to your body size

My typical client includes: 

  • Those with lifelong history or disordered eating working to change how they relate to food/body
  • Folks managing chronic health issues while in ED recovery
  • People curious about HAES and ready to dig into their relationship with food
  • Those who are fed up with the diet cycle but don’t know what else to try

I truly enjoy working with ALL clients, so reach out to schedule a discovery call to see if we are a good fit!

I would love to work with you!

Body Image Workbook


The Body Image Workbook