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Recovery from an eating disorder is a hard task. For instance, support from friends, family, and a health care team is important. This team includes several health care professionals. Such as a doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, and an eating disorder dietitian. An eating disorder dietitian can support you in many ways. Including some ways that other health care team members cannot provide.

This blog was written by Lauryn Woodruff. It was edited by Alex Raymond. Lauryn was a Virginia Tech dietetic intern at the time this blog was written.


Why see an Eating Disorder RD?

A dietitian will be your go-to team member for all things related to food and nutrition. If you do not have a dietitian to support you. We highly suggest you connect with one. Your therapist and/or doctor may have some recommendations. Also, we are happy to direct you to resources in your area.

Regardless of the dietitian you choose, make sure you are comfortable talking to them. In addition, be sure that they specialize in eating disorders.


All dietitians are licensed, trained experts in nutrition. However, they do not always work with the eating disorder population. In fact, dietitians who specialize in eating disorders will often go through additional training. As a result, they become certified eating disorder specialists (CEDRD). Overall, an eating disorder dietitian has a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between nutrition and mental health. This is unique to disordered eating and eating disorders. 


How an Eating Disorder Dietitian Can Help You


An eating disorder dietitian will help with various parts of recovery. Such as meal planning, intuitive eating, and body image. Additionally, they will create a safe space to discuss food. 


Meal Planning 

The choice to stop restricting can come with a lot of motivation. However, you may not know where to start. Your dietitian will create a meal plan that is specific to your needs. Additionally, it is based on the dietary challenges that you face. This plan includes both meals and snacks. The goal of this is to restore weight. Your dietitians will adjust your meal plan as you move through recovery. Therefore, you are eating a variety of food. And are restricting less. 


Intuitive Eating

Healing your relationships with food is part of eating disorder recovery. This is where intuitive eating can play a role. Your dietitian can introduce you to this concept. It will help you reconnect with your body’s internal wisdom around nourishment. Read our Principles of Intuitive Eating blog for more information!


Body Image

Your dietitian will not only discuss food. For example, they can also help you improve your body image throughout recovery. Along with your therapist, your dietitian will challenge certain societal norms and assumptions. Unfortunately, these can sometimes warp how you feel about your body. During recovery, you will learn coping mechanisms and ways to challenge those internal thoughts. In turn, you will learn that you deserve to be nourished. And can move away from hating your body.

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With the help of your medical team, including an eating disorder dietitian, you can recover from your eating disorder. An eating disorder dietitian is specifically trained to meet your needs. And be an ally throughout your recovery to support all your nutrition and body needs. 


Courage to Nourage includes practicing eating disorder registered dietitians. We have offices in College Park, Maryland. Columbia, Maryland. And Alexandria, Virginia. We also see clients virtually across Virginia. Maryland. Washington DC. Colorado. And Pennsylvania.

Courage to Nourish services include eating disorder recovery services, support groups, and more. Check out our additional resources including our blog. Our blog includes tips on intuitive eating, recovery, and more.  Please contact us to schedule a discovery call. You deserve full recovery. As well as a team you trust.


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Alex Raymond, RD, LD, CEDRD

Alex Raymond, RD, LD, CEDRD-S

Helping my clients cultivate meaningful connections and interests outside of their eating disorder is a true passion of mine. I like to think my clients and I are on a team to navigate recovery. I love working with high school and college students as well as athletes seeking to have a better relationship with exercise. I am a proud anti-diet dietitian and work with my clients through a Health At Every Size © and intuitive eating framework.

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