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Getting support for eating disorder recovery takes courage. Courage to Nourish is an eating disorder specialized nutrition practice. Our eating disorder specialists see clients in Maryland. DC. Virginia. And Colorado. We see clients in person at our College Park, MD. Columbia, MD. And Alexandria, VA locations. We also see clients virtually across various states. Such as Pennsylvania and Colorado. This blog shares a glimpse at what you can expect when meeting with one of us. 


What can I expect when working with an eating disorder dietitian? 


  • A safe and non-judgemental approach. We prioritize creating a safe environment for you to explore recovery. And heal your relationship with food.  


  • A collaborative framework. We understand that you know your body best. We take time to listen to your lived experiences. In turn, we can best support you and provide good care. 


  • Meal guidance and support. Eating disorder dietitians are not the food police. Rather, our goal is to help you re-learn intuitive eating. Additionally, we help eliminate shame surrounding food. For instance, this includes eating meals together, personalized meal planning, and more. 

  • A Health at Every Size and a weight inclusive attitude. There is no “one size fits all” approach to health. Learning what is best for your body can take time. Therefore, we focus on health promoting behaviors and evidenced-based practice. Instead of focusing on changing your body’s shape and size.  


When entering one of our offices, you can expect a warm and welcoming space. For instance, our Alexandria office sits right in the heart of Old Town. Inside, you may notice seating for people of all sizes. In addition to body positive art work. You will also see LGBTQIA+ affirming materials, signage, and more. We prioritize office locations that have accessible parking for those with all abilities. 


An eating disorder specialized dietitian may also: 


  • Monitor labs and vitals alongside a medical doctor.
  • Evaluate growth charts, as needed.
  • Assess other chronic illnesses. Or coexisting conditions as they relate to recovery. 
  • Collaborate with other treatment team members.
  • Provide family support.
  • Offer meal experiences and restaurant trips.
  • Host grocery store trips.


So, who should be a part of your eating disorder recovery team in Alexandria, VA?


In eating disorder recovery, we recommend having a team of health professionals. A medical doctor, an eating disorder specialized therapist, and psychiatrist should all be included. A medical doctor plays an important role in tracking your physical health. They can check lab values, vitals, and weight (if needed) As well as other physical symptoms associated with eating disorders. 


An eating disorder specialized therapist takes on several tasks. For example, they may explore the root behaviors behind an eating disorder and treat co-occurring mental health conditions. In addition, they provide support with body image concerns and more. 


Psychiatrists may conduct assessments to diagnose mental health conditions. Together with prescribing and monitoring medication. Lastly, they develop treatment plans to help treat an eating disorder. 


Recovery coaches can also be a part of a treatment team. For instance, a coach may support a client with meals, reinforce treatment goals, educate, and provide chat support.  


Courage to Nourish values collaboration of care. We have strong connections with providers. We can provide you with referrals to help you find someone who is a good fit for you. We have eating disorder referrals locally in Alexandria, VA. Or if you are seeking virtual support, we have referrals throughout Virginia


What are some other resources? 


Support groups can be a helpful addition to appointments with your team. Groups can be held in person or virtually. We know of a variety of different groups. Such as eating disorder support and teens/adolescents. Along with LGBTQIA+ and trauma. We discuss your interests. As well as make group recommendations based on your needs and interests. Check out our website to see what groups we currently offer free of charge. 

Whether it is our practice outlook. Or the physical space we provide. Our priority is giving you a space to heal. Contact our office today if you are interested in learning more about our services and practice. We have office locations in College Park and Columbia, Maryland. As well as Alexandria, Virginia. We see clients virtually across the various states. Such as Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Closing Remarks

If you are interested in working with an eating disorder dietitian. Contact us at Courage to Nourish today. Read more about the Courage to Nourish team here. We’d love to support you in eating disorder recovery.

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Emilee Young, RDN, LD

I am a Registered Dietitian dedicated to helping those in recovery. I have worked in both an intensive outpatient and a partial hospitalization setting where I have been able to help clients from all backgrounds develop a healthier relationship with food. I practice based on the philosophy that “all foods fit” and want to help clients create a sustainable and joyful experience with food and movement. I specialize in binge eating disorder recovery and enjoy working with clients to establish peace with food. I am a fat positive and anti-diet dietitian working from a Health At Every Size © and Intuitive Eating model.

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